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Regardless of if it is produced or aqcuired content. Use Accurate.Video to validate and ensure the quality of the Video, Metadata, Audio, Subtitles and more. Validate is a scalable, lightweight solution that sits on top of your infrastructure. No moving of content, no SaaS lock-in.

Accurate.Video Validate is developed to elevate your workflows through leveraging AI and ML to automate the manual-labor intensive validation process.

Quality Control & Validation

Accurate.Video Validate is a QC and validation solution specifically designed for collaborative professional media workflows with time-based metadata in mind. Designed around a zoomable and interactive timeline showing all available asset components & metadata, allowing QC operators to quickly spot check efficiently, using configurable hot-keys.

For QC-operators, broadcasters, post-production, video service providers & content providers. Ensure quality, compliance, and playability of audio and video before delivery.

Advanced metadata visualization
  • Zoomable and interactive timeline displaying frame-accurate, time-coded metadata such as markers, thumbnails, and audio waveforms.
  • Configurable metadata visualization
  • Ingest and visualize metadata from third-party applications such as QC markers from AWS Rekognition or Interra Systems' BATON.

Professional media QC and Validation
  • Support for all frame rates, SMTPE timecodes, timecode offset & drop frame timecodes
  • Cross-browser & platform compatibility
  • Featuring our extensively documented REST API
Advanced audio features
  • Supporting playback of multiple simultaneous discrete or muxed audio tracks.
  • Mute and isolate specific audio channels in mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, and more.
  • Audio loudness levels from audio timeline waveforms and audio phase meters.
  • Individual audio channel routing.
Subtitles & closed captions
  • Play multiple, simultaneous subtitles and closed captions tracks
  • Import SCC, TTML, WebVTT, SRT, STL and IMSC formats
  • Preview subtitle position, color, font, and outline using IMSC format
  • Export subtitle metadata
Annotations & markers
  • Manual markers, comments and annotations
  • Quickly set in and out frame using configurable hotkeys.
  • Import and export markers as JSON, XML, CSV or EDL




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