Marketplace Pricing

Accurate Video pricing for AWS Marketplace is based on unique users per month. In future releases we will provide a more fine-grained pricing model where users can be divided in three pricing groups: Viewer, User and Admin.

Default composite roles

We have packaged default composite roles in Keycloak that maps to these three pricing groups.

The image below visualize what each composite role is able to access in the system.

Image of composite roles

Roles marked as optional are enabled by default. These roles fit in the User category but could be ommitted depending on the desired workflow.

Custom composite roles

The pricing groups are calculated based on the permission roles for each user.

You can create your own composite roles using the image above as a reference. Note however that this may affect the resulting pricing group for that composite role.

The table below shows how the pricing groups are calculated based on individual roles. See Roles and permissions for details about each role.

Role Viewer User Admin
asset_read x
file_read x
file_metadata_read x
metadata_group_read x
metadata_read x
timespan_read x
access_read x
access_write x
access_delete x
analysis_write x
asset_write x
asset_delete x
file_delete x
metadata_write x
timespan_export x
timespan_write x
timespan_delete x
metadata_group_write x
metadata_group_delete x
job_view x
poster_create x
metadata_delete x
storage_read x
storage_write x
storage_delete x
storage_file_read x
storage_file_write x
storage_file_delete x
storage_metadata_read x
storage_metadata_write x
storage_metadata_delete x
file_write x
file_read_original x
file_metadata_write x
file_metadata_delete x
job_read x
job_write x
job_delete x
render x
usage_read x
settings_read x
settings_write x
settings_delete x
settings_read_all x
settings_write_all x

For example, if you have a composite role containing asset_read and file_read it falls under the price group Viewer. But if you add job_write it will fall under the Admin price group.

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