Accurate Player


  • Cloud-hosted or self-hosted, 100% JavaScript
  • Progressive download or adaptive bitrate streaming (HLS & MPEG-DASH)
  • Frame accurate seeking & playback
  • Support all frame rates (eg. PAL/25, PAL HD, NTSC/29.97, NTSC HD, 23.98, 53.94)
  • Drop frame and non-drop frame SMPTE timecode support
  • Non-zero timecode offset support
  • Discrete audio offset
  • Audio scrubbing at frame level
  • Positive & negative playback rate (trick mode / trick play)
  • Seek to timecode/frame/second/millisecond/percent
  • Feature-rich JavaScript API
  • Re-skinnable UI controls
  • DRM support

Progressive download

  • Supported video formats: MP4 (AVC/h264 & HEVC/h265), WebM (VP8 & VP9), OGG (*)
  • Supported audio formats: AAC/MP4, PCM/WAV, MP3/MP3, AAC/ADTS, Vorbis/OGG, Vorbis/WebM, Opus/Ogg, Opus/WebM, FLAC/FLAC, FLAC/Ogg (*)

DASH features

  • VOD, Live, and In-Progress Recordings (dynamic VOD content)
  • Multi-period content (static and dynamic)
  • Multi-codec/multi-container manifests
  • Encrypted content
  • Key rotation
  • WebVTT (both text and embedded) and TTML (both XML and embedded)

HLS features

  • VOD, Live, and Event types
  • Encrypted content
  • MPEG-2 TS support
  • WebVTT (both text and embedded) and TTML (both XML and embedded)

DRM support

  • We recommend using Widevine for both HLS and DASH. (*)
  • We do support additional DRM providers, contact us for more details.
  • DRM can also be used through BuyDRM KeyOS.


  • Multiple simultaneous discrete audio tracks (progressive download)
  • Toggle mute per audio track
  • Individual audio channel toggle and routing within an audio track

Subtitles & Closed Captions

  • Multiple simultaneous subtitle/CC tracks
  • Progressive download: WebVTT
  • See DASH & HLS for supported alternatives
  • We can handle additional subtitle formats, contact us for more details.


  • Rebindable hotkeys
  • Sensible default hotkeys
  • JKL support


The core player is extendable with plugins to activate more advanced features. A few examples is:

  • ChannelControlPlugin - enables muting and routing of individual audio channels within a track.
  • DiscreteAudioPlugin - allows playback of discrete audio tracks in sync with the video.
  • PointPlugin - allows the user to create frame accurate in- and out points.

The complete list of plugins and API documentation can be found here.

* In supported browsers

Product features
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