Accurate Player - Product Specification


  • Cloud-hosted or self-hosted, 100% JavaScript
  • Progressive download or adaptive bitrate streaming (HLS & MPEG-DASH)
  • Frame accurate seeking & playback
  • Support all frame rates (eg. PAL/25, PAL HD, NTSC/29.97, NTSC HD, 23.98, 53.94)
  • Drop frame and non-drop frame SMPTE timecode support
  • Non-zero timecode offset support
  • Discrete audio offset
  • Audio scrubbing at frame level
  • Positive & negative playback rate (trick mode / trick play)
  • Seek to timecode/frame/second/millisecond/percent
  • Feature-rich JavaScript API
  • Themeable UI controls
  • DRM support

Progressive download

The ProgressivePlayer can detect most types of common encoding errors and compensate for them to always maintain frame accuracy.

  • Supported video formats: MP4 (AVC/h264 & HEVC/h265), WebM (VP8 & VP9), OGG (*)
  • Supported audio formats: AAC/MP4, PCM/WAV, MP3/MP3, AAC/ADTS, Vorbis/OGG, Vorbis/WebM, Opus/Ogg, Opus/WebM, FLAC/FLAC, FLAC/Ogg (*)

DASH features

  • VOD, Live, and In-Progress Recordings (dynamic VOD content)
  • Multi-period content (static and dynamic)
  • Multi-codec/multi-container manifests
  • Encrypted content
  • Key rotation
  • WebVTT (both text and embedded) and TTML (both XML and embedded)

HLS features

  • VOD, Live, and Event types
  • Encrypted content
  • MPEG-2 TS support
  • WebVTT (both text and embedded) and TTML (both XML and embedded)

DRM support

DRM encryption will make it impossible to compensate for encoding errors within the stream, therefore correctly packaged material is key to guarantee frame accuracy.

  • We recommend using Widevine for both HLS and DASH. (*)
  • We do support additional DRM providers, contact us for more details.
  • DRM can also be used through BuyDRM KeyOS.


  • Multiple simultaneous discrete audio tracks (progressive download)
  • Toggle mute per audio track
  • Individual audio channel toggle and routing within an audio track

Subtitles & Closed Captions

  • Multiple simultaneous subtitle/CC tracks
  • Progressive download: WebVTT
  • See DASH & HLS for supported alternatives
  • We can handle additional subtitle formats, contact us for more details.


  • Rebindable hotkeys
  • Sensible default hotkeys
  • JKL support


The core player is extendable with plugins to activate more advanced features. A few examples is:

  • ChannelControlPlugin - enables muting and routing of individual audio channels within a track.
  • DiscreteAudioPlugin - allows playback of discrete audio tracks in sync with the video.
  • PointPlugin - allows the user to create frame accurate in- and out points.

The complete list of plugins and API documentation can be found here.

Browsers and operating systems

Accurate Player is built primarily for professional users working in a desktop environment. The list below is what we officially support, although the player might be partially compatible with other platforms as well.

Latest stable version and the previous version of the following browsers:

  • Chrome (recommended)
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Operating systems might affect the browsers native behavior, which is why we recommend using Windows 10 or the latest stable version of OS X.

AbrPlayer is based on Shaka Player, see their Browser support matrix for more information.

Known issues

* In supported browsers

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