AWS Marketplace - Getting started guide


First we would like to welcome you to Accurate Video. This product is frame accurate and powerful, yet easy to understand and convenient to work with. You can read more about all the functionality included with Accurate Video if you follow our Visual QC Userguide.


This guide will go through everything you need to know to get started after finding our product on AWS Marketplace. Follow the guide from top to bottom to learn the necessary steps to get Accurate Video up and running on your system. Once you have everything in place, you can ingest assets to your system and interact with all your content through the Asset View, which you can read more about in our Asset View Userguide.

Deploying Accurate Video

We provide production ready templates for Accurate Video on AWS ECS together with our container images. On our seller page you will find all the information you need to complete the deployment. When you follow the step-by-step guide you will notice that we provide default values for most fields, and we recommend that you keep these defaults to make the deployment as straight forward as possible.

Soon we will provide a link to the subscribe page and a launch stack link/button here.

Keycloak configuration

We include a pre-configured Keycloak in our deployments to help secure Accurate Video. After the deployment has completed you can access Accurate Video and Keycloak using the autogenerated credentials, which are found within Secrets Manager in your AWS Console. The path to your pre-configured Keycloak is https://<YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME>/auth.

In Secrets Manager you will find two important credentials for further configuration. Admin contains the admin credentials for the Accurate Video interface. Keycloak contains the credentials for the Keycloak admin interface.

We strongly recommend that you add new users with the minimum required roles for each user type, to ensure that your assets are secure.

Storage configurations

Connect S3 Storage using the Accurate Video storage UI. We strongly recommend that you setup two buckets. A source bucket with your original assets, and a destination bucket that stores all the transcoded and generated assets from Accurate Video.

See examples below:

Readonly source bucket

Readonly source bucket. Note that you need to input your own bucket name.

Destination bucket

Destination bucket. Note that you need to input your own bucket name.

Ingesting assets

All your content needs to be ingested into the system before you can interact with your assets. See our manual ingest guide to get started.

We also provide automatic Ingest which you can learn more about in our Automatic ingest using the UI guide. For advanced user we recommend to read our technical Automatic Ingest guide.

When everything is up and running

Once you get everything running on your system and begin to understand the different aspects of Accurate Video you will realise how easy and convenient it is to work with. This will conclude the guide for AWS Marketplace - Getting started guide. For further documentation, please visit our docs page.

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