Promo Creator Userguide

Promo Creator is a clever tool that lets the user create a video trailer in the fastest way possible. The simplicity to create subclips and preview parts of the video can save you a lot of time.


Note that all features and functions described in this guide may not be included in the version you are currently using.


The Promo Creator timeline represents all the subclips of the video with frame accuracy. With the ability to zoom in on the timeline you can actually see each individual frame. You can also hover over the timestamps to get a preview of the actual frame.


Current time indicator

Your accurate playback position is always represented by the current time indicator. Play the video and you will see it flow gracefully through the timeline, stop the video and it stops immediately. The current time indicator cuts through the entire timeline to make it clear where you are positioned.

This powerful tool lets you scrub the video to anywhere at any time, regardless if you are clicking on a specific timecode or if you drag and release the indicator. Timecode inputs and the framestep functions also update the position of the current time indicator instantly. The current time indicator also visualizes the buffering of the video in a subtle yet distinct way.

Playback functions

With Accurate Video you have full control over your video on a level of frame detail. Apart from play and pause you also have the ability to framestep one or ten frames back and forth. With Promo creator there are also buttons to jump three seconds forward and backward in the video.

Added to this is the ability to change playback speed from the range of 64X speed to negative 16X speed presented by a convenient dropdown menu. All the settings are dynamic and can be changed during playback.

On the playback panel you will also find the parent volume control and a button to show the video in fullscreen.



EDLs is basically a custom created versions of the trailer. For an ingested video you can have multiple unique EDLs. In Promo Creator you begin by creating a new EDL and give it a title, then all the subclips you create and edit are bound to that particular EDL. In this way you can create multiple working versions with ease.

All the EDLs are gathered in a list and are sorted by date of creation. Information regarding the number of subclips and the total duration of subclips are also presented in the list.


Creating subclips

In Promo Creator, a trailer consists of subclips. To create a subclip you simply have to click on either the “Set Inpoint” or “Set Outpoint” button. The inpoint is the start frame of the subclip and the outpoint is the last frame.

The two individual buttons work together with the current time indicator, meaning the inpoint/outpoint will be determined by where in the video the current time indicator is positioned.

All values are editable and nothing is set in stone, so feel free to alter the inpoint/outpoint for a subclip at any time.

Setting the inpoint will automatically create a subclip with the outpoint at the end frame, so setting both the inpoint and outpoint is crucial to create the exact subclip you want.


There is also a split button (seen on the right in the image above) that collaborates with the current time indicator in the same way. Simply position the current time indicator within the selected subclip to split the subclip into individual subclips. All subclips you create can be edited, even the subclips that you split up into smaller segments. Remember to highlight the subclip you want to edit.

A subclip can be as small as one frame, and as big as the whole duration of the video. When you create multiple subclips within the same time code they stack on top of each other to make them distinct even though they are similar.


List of subclips

All the subclips you create are gathered in a list, and there you can find information about the inpoint/outpoint and duration. From here you can also delete subclips, and the list is shown regardless of what mode you are currently viewing.


Preview mode

When all the subclips are created, it is time to view the trailer in preview mode. All your subclips will automatically be bound together based on each individual subclip’s inpoint, resulting in a smooth transition between them when you play the video.

The timeline changes when you toggle between normal and preview mode, but the subclips remain the same. This means that you can highlight a subclip you want to edit in preview mode, and then head over to normal mode for the final touches.


Export EDL

When everything is set and done and the trailer is finished, it is time to export the EDL to create an actual asset based on your trailer. With Promo Creator all you have to do is click on the export button, and then select the name of the asset along with selecting a preset and export location. Presets and export location can be changed based on the user’s working environment.



For your convenience Promo Creator contains hotkeys for almost every visual button and function. There are also additional hotkeys which give the users even more advanced options. When you get to work with the application you will notice that the hotkeys save a lot of time. Here is the full list of the hotkeys for Promo Creator:


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