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Accurate Video is a web-based video platform created for broadcast, post-production and media professionals. Designed for seamless integration with your video platform, application or MAM. Enrich your content with state-of-the-art AI/ML metadata extractors

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Accurate Video is a suite of solutions for customers in the Media and Entertainment sector. Accurate Video is provided in a web and cloud environment that can sit on top of your current tools, integrated with external and customer internal services.

Your content, your way

Accurate Video is built to be lightweight and to solve specific workflows, with your video content and associated metadata in focus. You bring your content and services and we elevate the experience through the Accurate Video platform.

For professionals

Accurate Video is made for and used by professionals in the Media and Entertainment industry to validate and edit content in Content Acquisition, Content Quality Control and Content Marketing.


The HTML5 Frame
Accurate Player

The Accurate Player is at the core of everything we do, the heart of every solution we build. And this could be the case for you as well. Integrate with the Accurate Player through its feature-rich API:s.

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Quality Control
& Validation

Validate your content and make sure it meets your standards.

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Visual QC

Verify your content directly in the browser! Visual QC allows you to verify all aspects of your content providing a rich feature set combined with powerful integrations.

Audio QC

Make sure the audio meets your expectations! Accurate Video Audio QC allows you to play multiple audio tracks in sync to make sure everything is aligned while isolating channels to make sure that it’s the correct audio layout.

Subtitle QC

Verify and edit your subtitles by checking timing, language, and tempo. Accurate Video Subtitle QC allows you to review multiple subtitles tracks in parallel to make sure that everything aligns as it should.

Accurate Video Promo Creator

Create marketing material or perform frame-accurate clipping in the browser. Accurate Video Promo Creator allows you to cut segments out of a video and preview the result directly in the browser. Export the result to whatever suits your workflow using best of breed transcoders.

Accurate Video Poster Room

Create posters for your content directly in the browser! Accurate Video Poster Room let’s you work from anywhere by offering the possibility to create high-resolution posters directly in the browser.

Content Marketing

Enable users across all division to work with your media in the browser.

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